JUNIPER is an international music project, that finds its way to the public audience in 2012 after a long period of composing and writing in the backyard of one of the most experienced places in the universe: The Earth.

As the composer and author of all songs J. Hueholdt draws a picture between introverted melancholia und the grotesque humour of everyday life, written at inspiring places and situations all over the planet.

Musically the project is faced to sophisticated pop music, which has its fundament just around the 1970ties. Dedicated to a fine melodic structure the polyphonic vocals and the over all guitar arrangements are the base for some musical quotes of the last thirty years.

Over the years lots of musical material was written, recorded and arranged in their own studio, far away from the “must have a number one hit” attitude, kept in the cellar like a good red wine that needs time to get better.

Now, in the early 2012, the mix of 10 songs, a first cut of the JUNIPER material, should find its way out. Published on CD, video and performed by an superb liveband the three masterminds (J. Hueholdt, Kevin Taylor and Preben Raunsbjerg) decided that the time has come to bring JUNIPER to life.

Enjoy the Juniper experience!